About us

BRUTARUL-COFETARUL Magazine has been providing for over 16 years comprehensive and impartial information about innovations, trends and technologies, targeting specialists and managers in the field.

BRUTARUL-COFETARUL Magazine creates a link between its readers - producers, entrepreneurs and technical personnel of artisan and industrial bakeries, pastry shops, confectioneries, ice cream shops, and their partners - suppliers of dedicated equipment, ingredients, tools, solutions and technologies. Its content is tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs and professionals in the market, including news and stories about dedicated technologies, interviews and presentations of successful business in the field, news about ingredients, tools and equipment used in the sector.

Reports from the events in the industry, recipes, technological, legislative, management and marketing articles are also present in the magazine. The magazine also promotes solutions provided by suppliers of equipment, technology, ingredients, tools, supplies and other products and services dedicated to the industry.

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